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About DGiT

DGiT (Domestic Growth Insight Tool) is an insight project to help activate domestic tourism.

It was the first major initiative to come out of the Domestic Tourism Working Group, spearheaded by Tourism Industry Aotearoa, and generously funded by private and public sector industry representatives.

Developing DGiT

DGiT is an innovative online tool to help tourism operators and Regional Tourism Organisations maximise the value they get out of domestic tourism.

Colmar Brunton was contracted to undertake research and develop the online tool, which included surveying 6000 Kiwis on their leisure travel habits to understand the different types of domestic travellers, including their motivations for travel.

DGiT went live in November 2016.

The benefits

Activating domestic tourism delivers many benefits for tourism businesses and regions. It also strengthens community support for tourism. 

By persuading more New Zealanders to use their discretionary dollars on a domestic travel experience, we’ll have more successful tourism operators. Other businesses that provide products and services for visitors will also benefit, such as supermarkets, petrol stations, cafes and bars.

Growing domestic tourism motivates greater investment in events and festivals, creating a vibrant local identity for regions and places. 

Importantly, it also helps smooth out seasonal peaks and troughs and stimulates regional development. If Kiwis are given the right incentives and information, they’ll be attracted to travel to new parts of the country and at different times of the year.

Domestic travellers are the lifeblood of many tourism businesses before they expand into the international market. Grow this market and we also grow their business capability and ‘export readiness’.

The more we activate domestic tourism, the faster we’ll reach the tourism industry’s Tourism 2025 & Beyond $50 billion aspirational goal.


A big thank you to DGiT’s generous funding supporters: